Our Story Home

Briefing and design process

Designing and building your own home is many people’s dream come true. It’s so exciting to have the opportunity to create something which will reflect your values, your life and your style. Bespoke design isn’t just for the fabulously wealthy: it’s something we offer to all our customers as part of our Story Home briefing and design process.

The best first step is to create a possibilities report. This report allows you to understand what is possible on your property and gives you a feel for how we would go about the end-to-end process, from design to build, including a rough breakdown of costs.

Then, as part of your Small Home project, you will get a two-hour, structured session with one of our trained staff, where you bring your ideas to the table and use our proprietary Story Home framework to bring your vision to life – giving you a home which truly understands your needs and stage in life.

Finishing with a lifelike 3D image of your new home, along with a detailed specification sheet, this process clarifies your vision, ensures the space works for your lifestyle, quantifies materials, and allows you to visualise the end product: giving everyone an agreed plan to work towards.
Once the building is underway, you will be given a dedicated project manager who will be your one point of contact: their job is to work hand in hand with you to keep you posted every step of the way. Additionally, you will receive clear project timelines and a handy app to help you keep track of milestones and budgets.
Our fixed quotation system helps you stick to your budget and ensure that you get what you expect. And, because of our structural engineering background, you can expect a clear, well-organised process which is economical and comes with no nasty surprises.

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