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Planning a new build can be daunting


Planning a renovation, subdivision or building project on your own can be confusing, overwhelming and stressful. 

Unfortunately, this leads many people to hire expensive designers and architects – only to discover that their plans are not practical or achievable in the building phase. 

Possibilities Report will help you avoid this fate, and will let you know exactly what is possible on your property!


What is a Possibilities Report?


A Possibilities Report brings clarity to your project by helping you recognise development opportunities, identify constraints and formulate a practical Layout Plan.

The report includes…

• Site & Property Inspection

• Project Details Assessment

• Legal Approval Process Guide

• Total Project Cost Estimate

• Concept Designs

• And more.


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Failing to plan, is planning to fail


There are no two ways about it; builds are expensive and simple mistakes can cost you thousands. 

However, a Possibilities Report will provide you with the peace of mind and expert advice you need to transform your dreams into realities.


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“Forrest came in and we just had a good feeling after meeting them for the first time. They were personable, and knew what they were talking about. We’re really happy.”

“They looked at the drawings and saw that: ‘there’s a way we could save you money by doing this, but acheive the same outcome.’  That was good!”