a great investment solution

With major increases in house prices and high-density living, the need for short-term living in NSW is on the rise. From holiday stays like Airbnb to short-term rental properties, an investment property presents many pros. Building a Forrest Small Home is a great way to utilise existing land and could hold the key to a great investment solution.
Small homes are in demand and building a carefully thought-through home with the right type of features puts you in a position to own a high-demand property with strong rental yields. What’s more, the affordable nature of our small homes can often provide a more economical proposal than buying an existing property.

What is a small footprint home?

Small footprint homes encompass big living with a small environmental and spatial footprint with our homes starting from as little as 30m² to 125m². Find out more here. Are you ready to start your journey to light-footed living?

A small investment is just a small step away

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