The Summer Jane

3 Bedroom
The Summer Jane Tiny home
House Size
90 m2
The Summer Jane Small Home Floorplan

The Summer Jane is ideal for...

The Summer Jane – 3 Bedroom | 90 m2

Meet Jake and Mia, young professionals ready to build their first home on a small block in NSW. The Summer Jane, with its three-bedroom layout, creative, unique and energy-efficient design, was a perfect choice, proving that you don’t need a McMansion to call a place home.

Dave and Karen wanted to support their daughter, Chloe, and her partner, Ben, as they planned to start their family. Sydney real estate prices were a significant hurdle, but building The Summer Jane in the backyard of the family home offered a perfect solution. Its three-bedroom layout provided ample space for their budding family, and its proximity to Dave and Karen’s home ensured that help was always close by.

Sarah, a savvy investor, was intrigued by the potential of the Summer Jane. Its compact three-bedroom design was perfect for short-term beachside rentals. Now she enjoys a steady income from Airbnb guests who love the charm of the Summer Jane.

Meet Bruce, who loved his neighbourhood but wanted to downsize. With The Summer Jane, he could keep living in his cherished community while also renting out his original home. The Summer Jane provided the perfect downsizing, low-maintenance solution for Bruce.

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