The Robbie J

2 Bedroom
The Robbie J tiny home
House Size
60 m2
The Robbie J Small Home Floorplan

The Robbie J is ideal for...

The Robbie J – 2 Bedroom | 60 m2

Peter and Lisa wanted to help their son, Matt, and his partner, Kate, find an affordable housing solution as they planned to have their first child. The Robbie J, as a granny flat fits comfortably in the backyard. Its thoughtfully designed two-bedroom home provided just the right amount of space for the young couple and their future child, while keeping them close to family support.

The Robbie J was a great choice for the Wilson family and their adult son, Tom, who lives with Down Syndrome. Tom wanted to gain more independence, and the NDIS provided support funding recognising the benefits of him living in his own space. The Robbie J’s two-bedroom design was the perfect size and offered him the opportunity to learn life skills in a safe and familiar environment.

Frank is an investor who saw the potential in the rising demand for short-term rentals. The Robbie J was a perfect addition to his Illawarra property, offering higher rental yields due to its appealing design.

John and Mary wished to stay close to their community but desired a smaller, more manageable living space. The Robbie J, with its compact two-bedroom design, was the perfect solution while they enjoyed an income stream from the rental of their original home.

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