The Poppy Jane

4 Bedroom
The Poppy Jane two story small home
House Size
120 m2
The Poppy Jane small home floor plan

The Poppy Jane is ideal for...

The Poppy Jane – 4 Bedroom | 120 m2

Sam and Emily were fresh out of Uni and newlyweds. The dream of owning a home felt distant given the skyrocketing real estate prices, but then they came across The Poppy Jane. Its four-bedroom design fits comfortably on their small block on the South Coast, providing just the right balance of intimacy and space, the perfect starting point for their new life together.

Robert, a keen property investor in the Southern Highlands, saw the potential of small homes in the booming market of short-term holiday rentals. He loved the idea of The Poppy Jane; its four-bedroom design was perfect for large families looking for a vacation rental. The appealing home was a surefire attraction for holidaymakers with its unique design, ensuring high rental yields for Robert.

Anne, aged 65, was ready to downsize but not ready to move away from her close-knit Jervis Bay community. The Poppy Jane allowed her to do just that. She now enjoys a new, modern, and low-maintenance home with enough room for visiting grandchildren, while she rents out her original home to a young family. A win-win for Anne.

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