The Jessica Jane

1 Bedroom
The Jessica Jane Small Home Design
House Size
36 m2
The Jessica Jane Tiny Home Floorplan

The Jessica Jane is ideal for...

The Jessica Jane – 1 Bedroom | 36 m2

Alan and Mary wanted to help their adult son, Ryan, who was struggling with high property prices as he planned his future. Even though the Jessica Jane has a one-bedroom layout, it was an ideal first step for Ryan and a significant value-add to the family home.

The one-bedroom design of the Jessica Jane was the ideal solution for the Smith family and their adult daughter, Sophie, who has cerebral palsy. Sophie’s needs were recognised by the NDIS, and funding was provided to construct a living environment that would foster her independence. The Jessica Jane, while compact, was perfectly equipped with accessibility features to make Sophie’s life more comfortable while keeping her close to her family for support.

Take the example of Lisa, an investor who saw potential in the Jessica Jane as a rental property for singles or couples on the South Coast. Its appealing design and small footprint have made it a popular rental option.

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